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GranitePOL is a leading provider of stone countertops and fireplaces. With unparalleled craftmanship, customer service, and high-quality materials, we’re the one-stop destination for all your custom stone designs. Bring us your vision for your home and we’ll make it a reality!

Why Choose GranitePol For Stone Countertops Installation?

Quality Workmanship

Our experienced and dedicated contractors will create durable and elegant stone solutions for your home.

Great Materials

We handpick our materials, carefully choosing only the best stone to use in your home.

Stone Design

From natural stone designs to custom designs, we’ll create an aesthetic to showcase your individuality.

Quartz & Granite Works We Offer

quartz countertops Elk Grove Village


We offer a variety of stone countertops, including quartz, granite, marble, and quartzite. Each stone countertop is individually selected and handcrafted to meet your exact specifications.



If you really want to showcase your creativity, choose a vanity top. We can upgrade your counters with any design you can imagine, adding that little something extra to your ...



We do more than just countertops at GranitePOL. Fireplaces are a great place for stone installations and we can design an elegant fireplace which will become the centerpiece of your ...



At GranitePOL, we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality materials in every project, from quartz to marble.


A great, low-maintenance option which is naturally resistant to heat, scratches, and impact. Available in ...


For an elegant upgrade to your kitchen, granite provides unique patterns and incredible durability with ...


A timeless countertop option, marble is one of the most elegant and aesthetically pleasing styles ...


This amazing material is strong, heat-resistant, and doesn’t stain easily. Even more durable than quartz, ...


Things to remember

Drawing of an area.
Sketch out the area you’re looking at remodeling first.

Samples of materials.
You can bring samples of cabinets and flooring to help you choose the right counters.

Estimate of costs.
We always provide with a free estimate for every project.


How We Work

Our Process

At GranitePOL, we’ve been installing granite countertops for a long time, but we take special care to make sure our customers understand exactly what’s going on with their project.


First, Your Idea

The first step is for you to bring us your vision for your home. Take a look at your kitchen and come up with your ideal countertops.

The Design Process

Bring us your idea and we’ll turn it into an actual design from which we’ll build your final countertops exactly as you’d envisioned.


Creating the Countertops

Granite is a great material to work with and we’ll create your counters to your specifications from the perfect slab of stone.

Preparation & Installation

We’ll handle the entire installation process, from preparation through final clean-up and polishing so your kitchen is ready to go.

Granite countertops Elk Grove Village

Clients Opinions


  • Ruth Bray

    “These contractors were the friendliest professionals we’ve ever worked with. They answered all our questions and got the whole countertop installation over and done with in no time at all.”

  • Carol Harris

    “We were blown away by their selection of countertops. Between marble, quartz, and granite, we ended up choosing quartz and they made every step of the process so easy.”

  • Roger Grant

    “We used these contractors for our latest kitchen remodeling and our new granite countertops are just incredible. Not only are they beautiful, but its durability really reflects their expert craftmanship.”

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